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We love Real Estate! Our PropBulls 'Achievers' are a team of well-trained and passionate professionals who wear their heart on their sleeves. Integrity is our core, we are driven to help our internal and external clients to maximize their capital growth through real estate. Our strength lies in the art of blending the conventional style of buying with advanced state-of-the-art technology making it full proof for a seamless buying or investing experience across the 7 continents that we serve.

We take particular care in hand-picking the right talent by subjecting them to a nerve-racking entrance assessment that tests their passion and patience towards Real Estate. It’s precision in forecasting and continuous learning that makes us different from the rest. We are incredibly determined, forward-looking, and firm-rooted to high business ethics. Therefore, we settle for nothing but the finest i.e., we have the Elite serve the Elite.

Real Estate investments can be quite a daunting process as they may sometimes have a counter-cycling effect. We pride ourselves in setting course against the tide as we anchor it exceptionally well by closely monitoring the trend and studying its impact allowing us to offer unparalleled real estate solutions. In short, we partner with our clients on their journey from a proud property owner to a well-seasoned investor.


Reach and sustain the ‘WOW’ service levels while catering to our internal, external stakeholders and clients.


To be the catalyst in generating wealth for our prestigious clients, through real estate investment across Dubai


To Work With Honesty, Integrity, Wisdom, Innovation, Sustainability and Continuous Improvement.

We have our clients at the centre of all that we do offering them unmatched property solutions in this dynamic, fast-paced and an evolving market. We meticulously pick up projects or properties that guarantee maximum capital appreciation and/or rental returns after carefully assessing economics impacting the financial decision.

We will make you a proud investor instead of a landowner. Having us as your official real estate advisor, your cash flow stays in safe hands thereby allowing assists to generate income, by your side, you’ll never be in a cash crunch because we take investments not just as investments but the business of reaping out the best possible combination of regular returns and high capital appreciation.

Be it your first real estate investment or your pretty little abode, we get you the ideal property matching your specific requirement. No two properties are the same and we understand that well to provide you with nothing but the best.

Your investments are no longer investments but individual businesses - we take it seriously, do you? Talk to the PROPBULLS now!

Looking To Sell Your Property?

"We do not recommend to sell your property but still want to sell then we would sell it FAST."

Selling your property is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Normally, one’s property is their most valuable asset. There are key ingredients in devising a marketing strategy that will help ensure that you receive the full financial potential available to you through the sale of your property. In addition, that same well-planned strategy can minimize the amount of time your property is on the market. The first key ingredient is to select the right broker. PropBulls would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you to present a marketing plan that we know will produce great results for you. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the outcome of our meeting. Please contact us by submitting the details of your property or CALL US: +971 55 817 8999, WHATSAPP: +971 55 817 8999, TOLL-FREE: 800-PROPBULLS

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