Real Estate Market in UAE to be stagnant on prices – Great Opportunity for Investors!


UAE Real Estate market places report a downfall in rent & sales transactions, in 2019.

CEO of a Real Estate Advisory firm says that apart from some prime areas, the prices have come down or touched the bottom in UAE.  “It feels to me like we must be close to, or at the bottom of, the market.” He added.

However, the graph of prices coming down would not have a constant slide towards downwards, as it shall remaing stable at this position for next 1-1.5 years. Though there is little to no hike expected in Real Estate prices, there is neither a downfall expected too, any further.

Also, the Real Estate market of UAE is experiencing a tough competition, seeing the amount of supply. Developers have also started proposing various payment plans, which makes the re-sale market to fall, and creates sale opportunities for the new upcoming projects.

CEO also added that, there are good opportunities to invest. Those challenges in the market are making it better for investors. However, there is a competition and this phase is temporary, as the demand is more today. But, UAE government is trying ways to try to reduce supply.

Hence, this is the best time for investors to grab the payment plans & deals and buy a house at the lowest price, in UAE. It is an assured rental investment now, as rental prices are also coming down.